Advantages of a  Private Boat/Jet Ski Tour:

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See New Places You Didn't know You Could Get To

Enjoy Amazing Wildlife Sightings

Customized Tour Just for YOU!

Escape Boredom and Enjoy the Thrill

Private Tour Information:

  • Jet ski tours start at $220 plus taxes for 2 hours per ski.

  • Boat tours start at $300 plus taxes for 2 hours includes up to 6 people. 

  • Our jet skis are rated for 2 adults for a maximum of 400 lbs.

  • Tours are private and the Captain will tailor tour to your interests.

  • Tours are by appointment so please call to schedule.

If you are on a tour, a Boater Safety I.D. Card is not needed.

Anyone born ON OR AFTER  JANUARY 1, 1988,  must have a boater safety I.D. card and be 21 to drive a jet ski, 18 to drive a boat.

Take A boater Safety Course online to get your I.D.

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Call 239-289-8654 to Book

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